Do You Know Your Data?

Do You Know Your Data?

Think about the amount of data you have. Financial information, medical records, photos, music, movies, academic work…those are all basic, but what about the other data do you have that you probably don’t think about?

What you shop for, how much time you spend on a given website, your location, your inner-most thoughts and feelings that are now publicly shared on the web via social media. It can be quite scary to think about all of the information we share about ourselves, willingly or not.

What’s done is done. We can’t take back information we’ve already put out there, but we can control what information gets out in the future and manage what we want to share. This isn’t only true for social media or data we provide to businesses; it’s also true for the files that we own, be they on a local hard drive, your smart phone, or in the cloud.

Each of us must make daily decisions about where we put our data, what we choose to share with people, and how that information is shared. Likewise, we have to think about what other data we can access about others, and help raise awareness.

During National Cyber Security Awareness Month, you’re invited to reflect upon the data you have. Where is it? Is it safe? Who can access it and how?

Over the course of the next two weeks, Information Technology Services will share thoughts about your data and guidance on ways to secure it. You hold the answers to your own data security. Our job is to help you secure it by providing guiding questions, tools, and tips to help you make the best informed decisions. We hope you’ll follow along and make yourself and your data more secure.