The Distance Learning/Video Conferencing Facilities provide audio and video connections to either single or multiple remote sites utilizing digital compressed video technologies. The facilities permit courses and meetings to be delivered or received from other locations locally or globally.

Video conferencing facilities are located in BRK180G and HSB132

BRK180G and HSB132 are conference room style and seat approximately 12 and 25, respectively.

Seating Style
Classroom: BRK141A
(24 seats/2 person tables/power outlets) UHB3080 (45 seats/law tables)
Conference Room: BRK80G (12 seats) HSB132 (24 seats)

Connectivity Protocol
IP: BRK141A; BRK180G; HSB132; UHB3080

Content Sharing

To request a room for a class or video conference contact ITS Client Services Help Desk at 206-6000 or Please make reservations as far in advance as possible.

Please provide the following information regarding the event:

  • Name of the event or class
  • Date of the event
  • Type of event [U of I Business, class, UIS Event, offline event, etc.]
  • Connection time [for online events]
  • Event start time
  • Event end time
  • Remote site
  • Estimated attendance
  • IP address [for IP connections]
  • Bandwidth requirements
  • Whether UIS needs to call-out to the remote site or receive a call from the remote site
  • Whether the connection is point-to-point or multipoint
  • Multipoint control location [for multipoint connections]
  • Special equipment needed for the event
  • Name[s] and phone number[s] for the remote support personnel

As soon as your reservation has been approved you will be notified by e-mail or by phone.