my.UISITS is excited to launch my.UIS, a customizable, central location for many university applications and UIS-specific web page links you use every day.

A revolutionary tool, this portal allows you to create a space with the information you most need and want in a single location. You’ll choose the content: Register for classes, check your e-mail, check your balance/add money to your i-card, log into Canvas, access your files on eDocs, enter grades, view class rosters, check the calendar of UIS events, and much more.

Tabs at the top of the my.UIS website will display different information for different people, depending on your role at the university.

One of the best features of my.UIS is Single Sign-On. Once you log in, you can go to the applications you need without logging in again.

my.UIS Upgrade Features

my.UIS has been upgraded to include features allowing for greater flexibility and easier use. Key new features include:

Faster Customization (no longer requires switching to the EDIT mode):

Customize my.UIS

  • Add content – A searchable popup window allows searching or browsing for content to add to the layout.
  • Page layout – Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns of varying widths.
  • Select Skin – The user can select a skin (similar to a theme). Currently choose between the UIS skin and the U of I three campuses skin.
  • Add Page – Add a page to the selected tab.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop my.UISPortlet Drag and Drop: There is no need to switch into edit mode to rearrange portlets on a page. Simply drag and drop to restructure the page.



Site Map

Site Map my.UISA site map is now available which provides a list of links to all Tabs, Pages, and Portlets in a hierarchical order – allowing users one-click access to any Tab, Page, or Portlet as well as a catalog of all available content.

Site Map my.UIS












Navigation Enhancements

Main PortletsList of Portlets: There is now a comprehensive list of all the portlets on a page. Maximize a portlet by clicking on the name of the portlet.







Flyout MenusFlyout Menus: A flyout menu becomes available when hovering over a page name.




Scroll BarsScroll Bars: Replacing the ‘Show More’ link, users can now scroll to see all items in a portlet.







BookmarksBookmarks: Organize bookmarks into folders and subfolders for easier navigation.





Search Feature

Search FeatureSearch Utility: Available in the header, users can search common search engines, or information gathering sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.






Mobile Devices: Access my.UIS with your mobile device.

Tech Support and Suggestions

  • If you have technical trouble with the portal please contact Kara McElwrath at 217.206.8237 or
  • If you have a comment or suggestion about the portal please submit a feedback form.


my.UIS Workshop Videos

my.UIS: Things-to-Know

IE Security Warning: When viewing the portal with Internet Explorer you may receive a Security Warning box when you have content, from RSS feeds, that does not come from a secure site. This is okay. To continue viewing the portal, click No and the page will continue to load. To disable this warning on the computer you are using, do the following:

  • In Internet Explorer click the Tools menu then select Internet Optioins, this will open the Internet Options window
  • Click the Security tab, then click the Custom Level… button,
    the Security Settings – Internet Zone window will open
  • In the center pane scroll down to the Miscellaneous Settings section then find the Display mixed content option
  • Select Enable then click OK to close the Security Settings window then click OK again to close the Internet Options window
  • This Security Warning is now disabled

Login Time-out Period: Faculty and staff will be automatically logged out if the portal sits idle for more than three hours. Students will be automatically logged out if the portal sits idle for more than one hour. [Note: Please logout of the portal if you are not going to be at your computer for extended periods of time.]