KUALI - U of I Continuity Planning Tool

The Kuali Foundation is a consortium of universities that develops enterprise software for higher education, using the community-source approach.  Utilizing the programming resources of its member institutions, Kuali adopts, develops, and maintains administrative software applications.

UIS has a subscription to Kuali Ready, a business continuity planning tool originally developed by the University of California Berkeley.  Business Continuity Planning helps us respond to an emergency event or unplanned interruption to normal operations, and be able to continue to provide a minimum acceptable level of services during and in the aftermath of such an event.

The UofI implementation of Kuali, “University of Illinois Ready” is the planning tool that aims to increase our ability to keep operating in the face of disruptive events.

Departmental Focus. The University of Illinois Ready tool produces departmental continuity plans, and can be used by any type of department – instructional, research, support, administrative, collections (libraries, museums) and clinical.

The Product. The departmental continuity plan can be printed as a document and contains:

  • Prioritized list of the department’s critical functions,
  • Specific section on continuity of instruction (if applicable)
  • Lists of 10 types of key resources, with details
  • Repository of key documents
  • High-level recovery strategies for all functions
  • Action items to achieve a better state of readiness. These action items embody the central premise of continuity planning: that the most effective way to cope with disaster is to get ready ahead of time.


Login Page for the UIS instance of UIReady

White Paper: An Introduction to UIReady

UIReady Presentation for Continuity Planners

University of Illinois at Chicago Continuity Planning Program


For more information and to request access to UIReady for your department please contact Clayton Bellot (cbell1@uis.edu, 206-6387).