2014 Report

Demonstrating the Value of University of Illinois Springfield

University Operations Impact: $75.3 Million

UIS employed 1,129 employees in FY 14. Payroll amounted to $67.1 million, much of which was spent in Sangamon County. The university spends another $31.1 million to support its day-to-day operations.

Student Spending Impact: $5.9 Million

About 19.7% of students relocated to Sangamon County from outside the county to attend UIS in FY 14. They spent $5.9 million at local businesses to purchase groceries, rent, pay for transport, entertainment, etc.

Alumni Productivity Impact: $95.5 Million

Over the years, thousands of students have studied at UIS and entered or re-entered employment in Sangamon County with newly acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities. In FY 14, UIS alumni in Sangamon County generated $95.5 million in added income, representing the higher wages they earned during the year, the increased output of the businesses that employed them, and the multiplier effects that occurred as alumni and their employers spent money at other businesses.