At a Glance

Demonstrating the Value of University of Illinois Springfield

Total Impact: $833.6 million

During the analysis year, UIS and its research activities, along with its students and visitors, added $833.6 million in income to the Illinois economy.

Operations Spending Impact: $113 million

UIS employed 1,077 employees in FY2017. Payroll amounted to $87 million, much spent in Illinois. The university spent another $40.1 million to support its day-to-day operations.

Student Spending Impact: $13.9 million

About 34% of students originated from outside the state in FY2017. The expenditures of relocated and retained students added approximately $13.9 million in income to the Illinois economy.

Research Spending Impact: $3.5 million

Research activities at UIS impact the state economy by employing people and making purchases for equipment, supplies and services. In FY2017, UIS spent $1.9 million on payroll to support research activities. Research spending of UIS generated $3.5 million in added income for the Illinois economy.

Visitor Spending Impact: $0.5 million

Out-of-state visitors attracted to Illinois for activities at UIS brought new dollars to the economy. Visitor spending added approximately $0.5 million in income for the Illinois economy.

Alumni Spending Impact: $702.7 million

Over the years, thousands of students have studied at UIS and entered or re-entered the workforce in Illinois with newly-acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities. In FY2017, the impact of former UIS students amounted to $702.7 million in added income.

Student Rate of Return: 20.1%

In FY2017, UIS students paid a total present value of $43.5 million to cover the cost of tuition, fees, supplies and interest on student loans. They also forwent $60.3 million in money they would have earned had they been working instead of learning.

In return for the monies invested in the university, students will collectively receive a present value of $658.6 million in increased earnings over their working lives. This translates to a return of $6.30 in higher future earnings for every dollar that students invest in their education. The average annual return for students is 20.1%.