Exonerees and Releasees

Illinois has consistently been one of the top two states with the most exonerations. People who are not on death row get no immediate help from the state once they have lost their first direct appeal. For the wrongfully convicted, how can they prove their innocence when they are behind bars?

Since 2003 the Illinois Innocence Project has played a significant role in the exoneration of 10 innocent people.

A Short Video of Their Stories

These are Successes

Grover Thompson

Served 15 years

Died in prison

Posthumously exonerated January 14, 2019

Bill Amor

Served 22 years

Released February 21, 2018

charles-plalmer-2-wpCharles Palmer

Served 18 years

Released November 23, 2016


TESHOME 1PTeshome Campbell

Served 18 years

Released January 29, 2016

ANGEL 1PAngel Gonzalez

Served 21 years

Released March 11, 2015

CHRISTOPHER 1PChristopher Abernathy

Served 30 years

Released February 11, 2015

PEGGY JO 1PPeggy Jo Jackson

Served 25 years

Released March 29, 2013

ANTHONY 1PAnthony Murray 

Served 14 years

Released October 30, 2012

JOHN 1PJonathon Moore 

Served 10 Years

Released March 6, 2012

HERB 1PHerb Whitlock

Served 21 years

Released January 8, 2008

JULIE 1PJulie Rea

Served 4 years

Released July 26, 2006

KEITH 3Keith Harris

Served 22 years

Released June 24, 2003