Lobbying Illinois: How You Can Make a Difference in Public Policy

Lobbying Illinois Cover

Lobbying Illinois: How You Can Make a Difference in Public Policy

by Christopher Z. Mooney and Barbara Van Dyke-Brown


Published in fall 2002. 144 pages, soft cover

A primer on how to lobby state government in Illinois.

  • Written especially for people and groups with public policy goals, but little or no experience in the policymaking making arena.
  • Explains the basics of the legislative process and lobbying, how to work strategically within the legislative processes, how to build coalitions and grassroots, and the basic rules and ethics of lobbying.
  • An excellent tool for teaching your group members about lobbying and the legislative process in Illinois.

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About the Authors

Christopher Z. Mooney

Barbara Van Dyke-Brown


Jim Fletcher, Fletcher, Topol, O’Brien & Kasper, P.C.
“Accurate, insightful, and well-written… a great resource for educating clients and board members. I highly recommend it.”

Dick Simpson, Former Chicago Alderman and Professor of Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
“This is a great new book for students studying state government and for citizens wanting to affect Illinois laws. I am assigning it in my Internship class as required reading and recommending to community and civic organizations. It answers all the important questions of how to lobby legally and effectively.”

P.S. Ruckman, Jr., Associate Professor of Political Science, Rock Valley College
“Lobbying Illinois is virtually without parallel. Mooney and Van Dyke-Brown have provided an informative, highly readable book that employs lobbying as a central theme but sheds considerable light on state institutions, the legislative process and “politics” in the state. Perhaps most impressively, Lobbying Illinois accomplishes its goals by a much-welcomed combination of excellent writing, presentations of data, lucid description and attention to both theory and context.”

Barbara Brown, Professor of Political Science, Southern Illinois University, and co-author of Basic Illinois Government
“Lobbying Illinois is a timely and useful resource for practitioners, students, and laypeople. Illinois legislative politics is a high stakes game-this book arms readers with the understanding and skills needed to compete. Its practical approach, its readability, and its “insider’s” orientation make it a must-read for those seeking to influence the making of public policy.”

Jeffrey Ashley, Assistant Professor and MIG coordinator, Eastern Illinois University
“Lobbying Illinois does more than just illustrate the importance of citizen participation in Illinois politics –it is an instruction manual on how to weave through the intricate maze one encounters in Springfield.”

Keith Boeckelman– Associate Professor, Western Illinois University
“Lobbying Illinois would serve as an excellent supplementary textbook for courses in Illinois politics, state and local government, and interest group politics. It contains great practical advice… and could serve as a comprehensive guide for students doing research on Illinois politics.”

Thomas J. Rudolph, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Lobbying Illinois is an excellent resource for students of Illinois government. It provides a detailed roadmap of the legislative process in Springfield and, more importantly, discusses the techniques and strategies behind successful lobbying efforts. Lobbying Illinois is essential reading for citizens and groups who wish to influence public policy in the state of Illinois.”

John P. Pelissero, Professor of Political Science, Loyola University Chicago
“Lobbying Illinois is much more than a primer on lobbying in Springfield. The book fills an important gap in our knowledge about the workings of Illinois government and how citizens can influence the public policy process. Information on Illinois government and lobbying is presented in a lively and accessible fashion that is going to be of interest to ordinary citizens, lobbyists, and students of state politics. Readers of this book will come away with a broad knowledge of Illinois state government and an understanding of how citizens can make a difference in the state policy process.”

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1
The Importance of Lobbying

Chapter 2
A Primer on the Illinois Legislative Process

Chapter 3
Lobbying Essentials

Chapter 4
Legislative Process and Rules-Working Effectively in the System

Chapter 5
Lobbying Tactics and Strategies

Chapter 6
Administrative Rulemaking-Lobbying State Agencies

Chapter 7
Lobbying and Grassroots Politics

Chapter 8
Lobbying Laws and Ethics

Chapter 9
A Lobbyist’s Guide to Information Resources

Further Reading on Lobbying and Illinois Government
About the Authors

Sample Pages

Chapter 5: Lobbying Tactics and Strategies

Chapter 5 - Page 63

Chapter 5 - Page 64


Chapter 6: Administrative Rulemaking – Lobbying State Agencies

Chapter 6 - Page 81Chapter 6 - Page 82

Chapter 6 - Page 83

Chapter 9: A Lobbyist’s Guide to Information Resources

Chapter 9 - Page 119

Chapter 9 - Page 120

Chapter 9 - Page 121