Institute for Legal, Legislative and Policy Studies – Publications

The Institute has produced two publications on a periodic basis: Almanac of Illinois Politics, and Lobbying Illinois: How You can Make a Difference in Public Policy. Both may be available for purchase.

The Almanac was published biennially since 1990, and was a leading source of information on the key players in Illinois government. It was considered an invaluable resource by legislators, governmental staff, lobbyists, reporters, teachers, students, and citizens. Each edition reflects the changes in Illinois government and politics over the past two years, including updated information for each legislative and congressional district, the latest top contributors to political campaigns, and thoughtful assessments on current policy issues. Almanac of Illinois Politics was last published in 2006. Some past editions remain available. For purchase information, contact Barbara Van Dyke-Brown.

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Legislative Internships and Advocacy Programs
Institute for Legal, Legislative & Policy Studies
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Lobbying Illinois was originally published in the fall of 2002 and is a 144 page, soft cover book, authored by Christopher Mooney formerly with the UIS Political Science faculty and Barbara Van Dyke-Brown of the Institute. It is a primer on how to lobby state government in Illinois. It is written especially for people and groups with public policy goals, but little or no experience in the policymaking making arena. It explains the basics of the legislative process and lobbying, how to work strategically within the legislative processes, how to build coalitions and grassroot efforts, and the basic rules and ethics of lobbying. For information on ordering this publication see Lobbying Illinois.