Program Requirements

The CPMPI program consists of 300 hours in three levels. You must complete all levels to be to obtain the CPM Certification. Level III is open only to those people who have completed Levels I and II. The requirements are:

Level I: Effective Supervision

  • Number of Trainings: 5
  • Number of CPM Hours: 60
  • Number of Training Days: 6

We suggest you begin with CPM 100 Leadership and Management: A Self- Assessment.  This class gives you both an understanding of your strengths as a leader and a manager and an overview of the program. Upon completion of Level I you will receive a certificate in Effective Supervision.

Level II: Effective Leadership and Management

  • Number of Trainings: 14
  • Number of CPM Hours: 140
  • Number of Training Days: 14

Level II focuses on the seven CPMPI core competencies. These core competencies reflect the essential knowledge, skills and attributes needed to remain effective and leaders and managers in the 21st Century.

Level III: CPM Practice and Application

  • Number of Trainings: 1
  • Number of CPM Hours: Up to 140
  • Number of Training Days: 1

Level III includes the following requirements:

  • Leadership Seminar – 10 CPM hours
  • Capstone Project – Up to 50 CPM hours
  • Credit-for-Prior Learning – Up to 30 CPM hours
  • Learning Portfolio – Up to 50 CPM hours

Level III focuses on the reflection and application of what you have learned during your time in the CPM Program.
For more information download the CPM Candidate Handbook (DOC).

Illinois Certifies Public Manager Program Application Form (PDF)