Program Overview

CPM is a 300-hour program (17 – 20 courses) consisting of three levels of instruction in management theory and practice. The time to complete the program is generally 18 to 24 months. Trainings are generally one day, 10 hour courses.

CPMPI offers two formats to obtain certification: the traditional “cafeteria” model and a cohort or “Colleague Group” format used since the program’s inception in 2007. The colleague group schedule is developed annually and generally completes all program requirements in 12 – 16 months. The traditional “cafeteria” model allows participants to select trainings that most reflect their professional development demands and needs.

Both the traditional model and the colleague group formats are offered online.The traditional model can be completed 100% online. This format is self-directed. Participants are provided one-on-one engagement and feedback from the CPM Online Facilitator to support their learning and skill development. The colleague group format combines face-to-face trainings with online materials. This blended learning enhances the delivery of training content with the best features of classroom interaction and live webcast instruction to personalize learning, allowing thoughtful reflection, and differentiate instruction from participant to participant across a diverse group of learners.

The highly interactive coursework is designed specifically for adult learners. CPMPI program approach is experienced focused, emphasizing small group activities and discussion, and the integration of theory into real world applications.

The CPMPI program curriculum covers the full spectrum of management, beginning with individual performance, and gradually expanding to broader organizational issues and public policy. A team of practitioners and academic faculty teaches each of the areas. The eight general areas that form the core curriculum are:

  •  Leadership and Ethics
  •  Cultural Competency
  •  Effective Supervision
  •  Program/Project Management
  •  Organizational Management
  •  Human Resource Management
  •  Building and Managing Effective Partnerships
  •  Public Policy and Administration

Certified Public Manager Program of Illinois Overview (PDF)