Internship FAQ

Where can I do my internship?

You can do your internship at any of the 150 approved internship sites.   There is a binder on the table in front of the HMS bulletin board on the third floor of Brookens listing all the agencies that have been approved. If you know of a place that you would rather do your internship, please talk to your advisor.  

Do I have to do an internship?

If you have worked full time for three or more years in a human service field that is the same discipline as your current human service concentration, you can petition to waive your internship. In lieu of the internship, you are required to take an additional 4 hour course with approval of your academic advisor.

Can I do an internship at my place of work?

Yes, you may with the approval of the internship instructor. You will do different work and projects than you do for pay to make it a learning experience for you.

How long is the internship?

Internships last either 400 or 500 hours, depending on your concentration.   If you are in the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Concentration, you will complete 500 hours. All other concentrations must complete at least 400 hours.

If I have an internship, do I have to go to the internship class?

Yes, attendance is required. The class time is used to reflect on what you are learning and sharing with other students what you have experienced.

What forms do I need to have filled out before I start my internship?

You will need a preliminary placement form, HMS internship Request for Certificate of Insurance form, Internship Contract, and Internship Application form.  

Do I have to complete my internship in one semester?

Most students are able to complete their internship in one semester, but if it is necessary, additional time can be taken.

Can I do an internship at more than one place?

It is recommended that you find one place to do an internship so you get a full understanding of that facility’s process, however if you are interested in multiple areas, you can split your time and do two internships.