Current Student FAQ

1. Can I change my concentration?

Yes; consult with your advisor before you make a change of concentration.

2. Can I add a second concentration?

Yes, but we recommend the student have a significant focus on their primary concentration.

3. What classes are offered online?

All core classes are offered online each fall and spring semester.  All of the Social Service Administration concentration classes are currently offered online.

4. What classes are offered in a blended format?

A blended format class is where the majority of the class sessions are online, with the benefit of the remaining class sessions being conducted on campus. Child and family, alcohol and substance abuse, and gerontology offer their concentration specific classes in a blended format. All of the core classes are offered online. For more specific information on the blended format, contact

5. Who is my advisor?

You advisor is a faculty person in your concentration. You are assigned this individual at the time of admission.

6. What do I need to do if I was conditionally admitted?

If you still needed to complete a prerequisite when admitted, there is a 12 month deadline for doing that. Ensure that a transcript was sent to our Admissions department (if you took it somewhere else) proving that it is completed, and inform your advisor so that your condition may be removed.