Joint Degree

Joint Degree Option – Human Services/Public Health (HMS/MPH)

The UIS Departments of Public Health and Human Services have an articulation agreement that allows interested students to obtain a joint master’s degree in Public Health and Human Services (MPH/HMS). Although many courses are offered online, the MPH/HMS joint degree is classified as an on campus joint degree. The HMS/MPH joint degree is a 68 credit hour master’s degree option that requires students to take 32 credit hours from both departments, plus a four hour internship from one of the departments. Students take core classes from both HMS and MPH, as well as elective courses. Closure exercises from both departments are required. Students must apply to both graduate departments to be eligible for the joint degree. All prerequisites from each department apply. Interested students must meet with an academic advisor prior to enrolling.

Degree Requirements

Core Requirements
HMS Core Courses
HMS 501 Critical Perspectives in Human Services 4
HMS 502 Interviewing and Assessment Skills in Human Services 4
HMS 511 Social Policy and Human Services 4
HMS 516 Ethics and Professional Development 4
MPH Core Courses
MPH 503 Biostatistics for the Health Professional 4
MPH 506 Community Health Research 4
MPH 511 Foundations Of Epidemiology 4
MPH 521 Environmental and Occupational Health 4
MPH 531 Public Health Policy and Administration 4
MPH 561 Community Health Education 4
Internship Requirement
HMS 550 Internship 4
or MPH 581 Internship
Elective Courses
HMS Electives
Select three courses from one of the following concentrations: 12
Alcohol and Substance Abuse (blended curriculum)
Advanced Interviewing and Intervention
Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
Assessment and Treatment of Substance Abuse
Dual Diagnosis and Relapse Prevention
Child and Family Studies (blended curriculum)
Advanced Interviewing and Intervention
Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
Child Abuse And Neglect
Treating Children from Diverse Populations
Family Dynamics and Intervention
Gerontology (blended curriculum)
Psychology Of Aging
Perspectives on Aging
Sociology of Death, Dying, and Bereavement
Aging And The Human Services
Social Service Administration (online curriculum)
Staff Development and Supervision
Social Services Administration
Introduction to Nonprofit Management
Grant Writing in Human Services
MPH Electives
Select two 500-level MPH courses 1 8
Closure Requirement
HMS Closure
HMS 585 HMS Capstone 4
MPH Closure 2 0
Total Hours 68

In consultation with and approval by the academic advisor. The student’s career path should be considered for the best selection of these electives.


Students complete the MPH comprehensive examination. No credit hours are awarded for completion of the exam. Students who do not complete the examination during their final semester of study must enroll in MPH 583 (zero credit hours, one billable credit hour) each regular semester (fall/spring) until they pass the exam.