Online Majors Start Page

Welcome to the UIS Human Services department! Now that you have been accepted, below are some pointers on getting started with online classes here.

1. What do I do to get ready for classes?
There are links to set up your NetID, as well as to register, at the UIS Registration page. You will need the activation token which Admissions emailed you at the time you were notified of acceptance. Contact if you did not receive it. Contact your faculty advisor (Dr. Bockmier-Sommers for students in online Social Services Administration) for information on what specific courses you should start with. After registering, you may find the books assigned for your class by visiting the bookstore and plugging in the name of the class you are signed up for.  At the top of most UIS pages there is a tab for ‘Quick Links’. Under this tab there is a link to the bookstore, as well as the library, Blackboard, and your student email (which you should check often for official notifications from the university).
Important: Be sure to register for classes in the first semester for which you were accepted, OR fill out a deferral form (see the Admissions FAQ page) . Otherwise, you will likely be deactivated and have to reapply.
If you have not taken online classes with Blackboard before, be sure to visit COLRS’ students page and Blackboard page for tutorials prior to class start.

2. I am signed up for a class, but when I log into Blackboard, I don’t see it.
Classes will show up on the first official day of the semester, usually pretty early in the morning.

3. Can I change my concentration?
Yes; consult with your advisor before you make a change of concentration. Remember, only Social Services Administration is currently completely online. The others will require some classroom visits.

4. Can I add a second concentration?
Yes, but we recommend the student have a significant focus on their primary concentration.

5. What classes are offered online?
All core classes are offered online each fall and spring semester.  All of the Social Services Administration concentration classes are currently offered online only.

6. What classes are offered in a blended format?
A blended format class is where the majority of the class sessions are online, with the benefit of the remaining class sessions being conducted on campus. Child and family, alcohol and substance abuse, and gerontology offer their concentration specific classes in a blended format. All of the core classes are offered online. For more specific information on the blended format, contact your advisor.

7. Who is my advisor?
You advisor is a faculty person in your concentration. You are assigned this individual at the time of admission.

8. What do I need to do if I was conditionally admitted?
If you still need to complete a prerequisite when admitted, there is a 12 month deadline for doing that. Ensure that a transcript was sent to our Admissions department (if you took it somewhere else) proving that it is completed, and inform your advisor so that your condition may be removed.

9. Whom do I contact with technical difficulties for my online classes?
Tech Support keeps late hours during the semesters. (217) 206-TECH or (877) 847-0443 or

10. Does UIS offer help with career placement?
Absolutely. Besides the invaluable connections you will make with your faculty, fellow students, and internship opportunities, you are also highly encouraged to make use of the Career Development Center . They have not only extensive job searching databases, but also assistance with developing your resume and personal search skills. Do not put this off until your last semester here; it’s best to begin working with them early.