Faculty Negotiations Update #2

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

This message is to provide a brief update on the current negotiations between the University and the faculty union.

As most of you know, at the same time negotiations of the first faculty union contract are ongoing, the union initiated a work stoppage that began Tuesday and has continued into today. Faculty who are members of the union have the legal right to participate in a strike called by their union. They also have a legal right to decide not to participate. Thus, some faculty have continued to teach their classes while others have not. A strike is disruptive to students’ educational experience and I am hopeful it will end soon.

As was mentioned in a previous communication, while the strike is underway, students should continue to attend class. All instructional staff who are not members of the union and other employees of the university are expected to carry on with their regular duties. Please do continue to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for Students and the FAQs for Employees that were distributed last week. There is no change at this time in schedules for finals week. Commencement ceremonies will be held as scheduled on May 13th.

Bargaining sessions, conducted since last fall with the assistance of federal mediators, have been continuing for several months. The University’s bargaining team is eager for those sessions to continue and both sides have expressed a commitment to work hard and in good faith to resolve remaining differences and reach an agreement. The next bargaining session is scheduled for this Friday, May 5th.

I want all members of our campus community to know that, as your Chancellor, I value all employees of the University. I have the greatest respect for my faculty colleagues and I remain confident that, with good faith bargaining and a shared commitment to our students and our University, we will reach a positive and enduring agreement.


Chancellor Koch