Testing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I determine what classification to test for and if I qualify
for a position?

  • Visit the jobs website at https://jobs.uis.edu to
    see what classifications the Human Resources office is currently
    testing for, and what the required minimum qualifications are.

What is a Civil Service Exam? How can I prepare?

  • Each Civil Service classification has its own exam, which come
    in many different formats.  When you are scheduled for an exam,
    information such as time limit, exam components, and other related
    information is given to you.  As for preparing, many of our
    exams are knowledge tests.  This information could have been
    gathered through your past work experience and education. Some are
    education/experience tests, for which preparation is not necessary.

How do I apply for a Civil Service job?

  1. Determine what Civil Service classifications are currently
    available for testing on our web site.
  2. Review the minimum qualifications for the classification in
    which you are interested.
  3. Submit or update your electronic application. (It is the applicant’s
    responsibility to supply information that clearly and accurately
    represents his/her qualifications.  Failure to do so may result
    in being determined ‘not qualified‘.)
  4. Submit an electronic exam request.
  5. Receive notification of an exam date and time.
  6. Take the examination.
  7. Receive a notice regarding your score.  You may also check
    your score and register placement throughout the electronic application
    process on the my exam activity tab on your profile home page.

How do I submit an electronic application and exam request?

  1. Go to https://jobs.uis.edu
  2. Login to the site:
    NEW APPLICANTS: If you are a new applicant click Create Account,
    type in the personal and contact information requested, and make up
    a user name and password that you can remember. Click save.
    Once back on the Profile page, follow the instructions on the profile
    page for first time applicants.
    Those instructions are: Click on CS/EXTRA HELP tab and scroll to the bottom.
    Click apply for position.  This will generate the pre-approval process.
    Once back on the profile page start the CS Pre-approval form.
    Fill in the information requested, click Submit.
    You will receive an email once pre-approved within 1-3 business days from your request.
    You may then return to your profile page and click start.
    Begin filling in your application pt. 1 and application part 2 information.

      If you are a returning applicant please type
    in your current user name and password, click Login.  PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.Be sure to fill out your application completely giving details on your work experience.
  3. Once you have logged on:
    You may select your desired Civil Service job from the job board.  Click Apply for position.
    Next submit an exam request from the bottom of your profile page.
    After the job deadline to apply has passed, allow 2-3 weeks for an email regarding the position.

How are Civil Service jobs filled?

  • CS jobs are filled through a testing process. Individuals take
    examinations for specific classifications and their scores are placed
    on lists called registers.  Scores appear on a register in order, from
    highest to lowest.  Registers change each time new scores are
    added or removed. When a vacancy occurs in a department, those eligible
    to interview are referred in accordance with CS rules and notified
    by mail.  Generally, the top three candidates are contacted
    for an interview opportunity.

How long does my score stay on the register?

  • Generally speaking, your score is good for up to two years.  You
    are also removed upon hire, request, or failure to respond to the
    Human Resources office, among other reasons.

Can I take the test over again?

  • You may request to re-write the exam up to three times within
    one calendar year.  Each instance of the exam must be taken
    at least 30 days apart, and this applies to all State University
    testing centers.

Can I transfer my score?

  • Yes, you may request to transfer your test scores to other State
    University institutions.  For more information, please contact
    Human Resources.

Terms and Definitions

Classification: Assignment of a job to a class.  Jobs similar in duties, responsibilities, and worth are grouped together and given the same standard title.

Job: A specific group of duties and responsibilities served by one employee.

Register: A list of candidates who have taken and passed the Civil Service examination, per classification. Registers are listed in order of highest score.

Veterans Preference: Veterans who were discharged under honorable conditions and certain other individuals may be eligible for additional points on an original entry Civil Service exam.