About Extra Help

Extra Help positions are governed by the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS). Extra Help information is provided by the SUCSS office, and can be found on their website https://www.sucss.illinois.gov

Extra Help positions are temporary positions in which the work is intermittent, casual or emergent in nature. These positions can be requested by the department submitting a job description and position request form to Human Resources via HireTouch. Instructions on how to submit these forms can found at https://www.uis.edu/humanresources/policies/

Extra Help positions will either be posted to the job board and/or will fall under one of the Extra Help pooled positions posted to the job board. Departments will receive a list of candidates and must interview qualified applicants before making a final selection. Extra Help positions do not require applicants to take an exam when applying for positions. The applicants simply need to complete and submit the online application.

Extra Help pooled positions are commonly used Extra Help categories posted to the job board on a continuous basis. If the requested Extra Help position is approved, departments will have the option to either post the Extra Help position to the job board and/or go straight to the Extra Help pool to receive a list of candidates. If the department chooses to post an Extra Help vacancy, the department will also receive the list from the Extra Help pool. The department must conduct interviews of qualified candidates before making a final selection.

Extra Help pooled positions are posted to the job board and can be found at https://jobs.uis.edu/civil-service-extra-help-details

Extra Help employees are allowed to work for a maximum of 900 hours of actual work in any consecutive 12 calendar months. Upon working 900 hours, an Extra Help employee may not work in any other Extra Help position until after 30 calendar days. If the department determines there is a critical need to have the Extra Help employee work over 900 hours, the department will work with HR to request an extension and receive approval through the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS) Office.


Extra Help Forms:

Extra Help Hiring Process Guidelines

Extra Help Employment Checklist for Departments

Extra Help New Hire Appointment Checklist for Supervisors

Extra Help Separation Checklist for Supervisors

Frequently Asked Questions about Extra Help (pdf)