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Earn an internship at one of the 30 Most Amazing University Museums in the World… Located here in central Illinois!

Dear Student:

You and I know that history is a fascinating field and that museums are fantastic places to learn about history. As you look to jumpstart your future career, you want to gain practical experience in the history and museum field, and to give your resume a boost by having worked upclose with actual historical items—all in a place that is rewarding and fufilling.

Here’s your solution: The Lincoln Heritage Museum in Lincoln, IL—recently ranked as one of the “30 most amazing university museums in the world.” *

The Lincoln Heritage Museum offers internships to qualified college students, recent graduates or graduate students.  Internships usually take place throughout the academic year (spring, summer, or fall semesters). All LHM internships are unpaid; however there may be grant funded internships that provide a stipend for students, and usually students can gain academic credit through their universities. These internships can also greatly diversify internships to augment and diversify a student’s resume.

There are a variety of internship opportunities at the Museum including:

  •  Collections Management and Artifact Conservation
  • Exhibit Creation
  • Community and Educational Programming
  • Tour Leading and Visitor Experience Enhancement
  • Museum Marketing and Promotion
  • Artifact Research

Interested?   Here are more reasons.  You can gain this valuable experience at a new and unique museum.   You can work with items used by Abraham Lincoln himself.  Also, the museum will open in April 2014 in a new building with a brand new design.       Through audio-video and objects which can be touched, a “life review” design puts the visitor in the place of Abraham Lincoln, allowing the visitor to experience what Lincoln himself may have seen and heard in his life.        All this at one of the 30 most amazing university museums in the world!*


For more info, or to apply for any of these internships, contact Ron Keller:, Museum Director, or visit the Lincoln Heritage Museum website.