Dr. Kristi Barnwell

Associate Professor of HistoryDr. Kristi Barnwell
Ph.D. Modern Middle East History
University of Texas(2011)

Email: kbarn2@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7420
Office: UHB 3073

Teaching Concentration: Modern Middle East (20th century); the Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf; Arab nationalism and identity, and gender.

Research interests:

Kristi Barnwell’s research focuses on political history in the twentieth-century Arab world, with particular focus on British decolonization and local identity in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf.

Recent Publications and Presentations:

“The Formation of the UAE: State-Building and Arab Nationalism in the Middle East. Book-length manuscript under contract with IB Tauris.

Book reviews in The International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Britain and the World, The Journal of Women, Politics & Policy, and The Middle East Journal.

“Overthrowing the Shaykhs: The Trucial States at the Intersection of Anti-Imperialism, Arab Nationalism, and Politics, 1952-1966,” Journal of Arab Studies, forthcoming, Fall 2016.

“‘Caught between his friends and his enemies'”: The Evolution of American-Jordanian Collaboration in the 1960s,” in Diplomacy and Statecraft 22 (2011):281-99.

“Preemptive Development, Arab Nationalism, and the Preservation of British Influence in the Trucial States, 1953-19 58,” (article-length manuscript in progress).

“Decolonization and State Formation in the Trucial States, 1952-1971,” (book-length manuscript in progress).