Dr. Peter Shapinsky

Peter Shapinsky

Associate Professor of History
Ph.D. History
University of Michigan

Email: pshap2@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-6595
Office: UHB 3057

Teaching Concentration: Premodern and Modern East Asian history (China, Japan, Korea); “From Vikings to Hackers: A Pirate’s World History,” “Pacific War: World War II in Asia;”  “Samurai in history and romance;” Historiography.

Research Interests:

Cartography, knowledge networks, and conceptualizations of space in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century East Asia; early modern global networks of exchange and cross-cultural interaction; maritime exchange in premodern East Asia; pirates and outlawry in East Asian and comparative contexts; gender history of Japan and East Asia.

Scholarly book:

Lords of the Sea: Pirates, Violence, and Commerce in Late Medieval Japan (Ann Arbor, MI: Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan, 2014).

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Journal articles and book chapters:

“Polyvocal Portolans: Nautical Charts and Hybrid Maritime Cultures in Early Modern East Asia,” Early Modern Japan XIV (2006): 4-26.