Public History Concentration

The Public History concentration stresses the blending of academic and applied history with intent to broaden public awareness of the value of studying the past.

Public History Concentration Core Requirements
HIS 501 Graduate History Colloquium 4
HIS 502 Public History Colloquium 4
HIS 503 Researching and Writing History 4
HIS 510 Graduate Readings Seminar 1 4
HIS 510 Graduate Readings Seminar 1 4
HIS 515 History and Digital Media 4
HIS 570 Public History Internship and Project 8
or HIS 580 Thesis
Select two of the following: 8
American Material Life
Historic Environmental Preservation
American Architectural History
Museum and Society
Archival Management
Museum/Historic Sites Methods
Oral History Methods
Policy History
Elective History Course (American, European, World or Public history) 4
Total Hours 44