Points of Pride

The UIS History Program proudly boasts:

A wide range of learning experiences available to all history students, both on campus and onlineStudents learning about flag conservation.:

  • Small class sizes that offer individualized instruction and close interaction with students and professors.
  • An online program that offers the same quality instruction as on campus taught by the same professors.
  • A rigorous, wide ranging curriculum that features courses taught by professors who are experts in their fields and award-winning, innovative teacher-scholars.
  • Access to significant local historical sites like the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum, Lincoln’s home and other Lincoln-related sites, a home built by Frank Lloyd Wright, and other points of interest.
  • Awards and scholarship to support our students.
  • Opportunities to present and publish scholarship.
  • Study Abroad
  • Independent studies and tutorials
  • Applied study internships at libraries, archives, historic sites, and other institutions, particularly in state government
  • Teacher certification
  • Participation in professional organizations like Phi Alpha Theta
  • Fun events and trips to historical sites with the UIS History Club
  • Our location in Illinois’s capital city

Our Faculty & Staff

We have experts in the following areas:

  • U.S. history
  • Abraham Lincoln and the civil war
  • Dr. Barnwell explaining Middle East studies to studentWomen’s history
  • Modern European and Russian history
  • East Asian history
  • Public history
  • American diplomatic history
  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Nineteenth-century American material life
  • Middle East
  • Comparative Religions

In addition to our Faculty, we also have tremendous individuals who work to make the History Program a better institution for all:

  • Our Program Secretary
  • Our Online History Coordinator
  • Our Graduate Assistant