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Immunization Compliance

Immunization forms can be obtained from Health Services or download the pdf. The form must be complete, the top box filled out and signed, and on file in Health Services by 5 p.m of the 10th official day of the fall and spring semesters or the 5th official day of the summer term.

If a record is not complete and on file in the HS by that date, students will be assessed a non-refundable $35 non-compliance fee. If a student is not in compliance by their second semester at the UIS, the college immunization law does not allow them to register for the 2nd semester.

Immunizations are in compliance when the following occurs:

  1. Immunizations are turned in on or before the deadline.
  2. Immunizations are complete and in order; (Read Illinois State Law.)
  3. Immunizations are verified by the signature of an R.N./M.D.; (Read Illinois State Law.)
  4. Required Immunization Form is completed and signed by student; or if under age of 18yrs by parent or legal guardian.
    ( Please read UIS Service regulations & the Immunization Form to be sure you have complied with all of the requirements. )

UIS Immunization Policy

All students must provide proof of immunity to the following diseases by 10th day of classes in Spring and Fall and 5th day of classes in Summer:

ALL New International Students must have a TB (tuberculosis) blood test done in the U.S. no earlier than 30 days before registration. Students with a history of a positive TB must provide proof of the positive test and be evaluated in the Health Services for further testing.

Quantiferon Gold tests/TB blood tests, must be done by a recognized laboratory in the U.S. and a copy of that record must be provided.

Illinois State Law

College Immunization Code – beginning Fall 2016-2017 semester