Finding Your Records

Finding old immunizations can be a challenge, some suggested places to check are:

Educational Institutions

Complete and submit the Authorization for Release and Disclosure Form to request your previously submitted records from UIS Health Services. Then allow our office at least 24 hours to complete your request.

Check with any other Colleges or Universities you have attended. They may have copies of your immunization records. The next place you can check is the High School you attended or even Elementary School (any place you may have previously submitted these records/requirements). Immunizations were required so they may have a copy of your records. If you graduated from an Illinois High School your high school immunization records may have all the required immunizations.

Personal Physicians

this document can be obtained from your physician

If you are unable to find any records from your educational institutions, check with your childhood physician to see if they have any immunization information. If your physician is deceased or has retired, she/he may have forwarded his/her records to another location so you may want to ask about that.

Illinois Comprehensive Automated Immunization Registry Exchange (I-CARE)

The Illinois Comprehensive Automated Immunization Registry Exchange (I-CARE) is a tool used by health care providers, parents, public health agencies, and schools to record and promote immunization records.

Hospitals/Emergency Departments

You may have received a Tetanus Diphtheria and Pertussis immunization if you had to visit an emergency room for cuts or sutures. If you visited an emergency room within the past 6-8 years you may want to check to see if the hospital has any records. This vaccine may have been given prior to any surgeries.

Military Records

If you have served in the military and have a copy of your medical records or yellow immunization record, some of the required immunization may be in your record.

Remember, all records must be verified by the signature of the MS/RN/Public Health Official who administered the immunizations.