About Immunizations


Immunization records must be submitted and in compliance by the 5th day of classes in the summer or the 10th day of classes in fall/spring for the semester in order to avoid a non-refundable $35 late processing fee. It is not a requirement for ONLINE ONLY students to provide these records, however if you are taking 1 or more credit hours or blended classes on campus it is a requirement to provide immunization records.

Send your immunizations records to:

  • UIS Health Services
    Business Services Building, Room 20
    One University Plaza
    Springfield, IL 62703
  • Phone: (217) 206-6676
  • FAX: (217) 206-7779
  • E-mail: HealthService@uis.edu


Students with the UIS Student Insurance (Academic HealthPlans / Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois) can call an after-hours/weekend nurse at 1-800-299-0274 with any medical questions or concerns.