Contagious Skin Infections:

Scabies and Lice have been documented in a few other college basketball teams there are a few things you need to know:

  1. They both are caused by a parasite or “mite” that causes an itchy rash.


You will see small itchy blisters in a thin line that break easily when scratched. It is usually seen in the webs of fingers, toes, and skin under the arms, breasts, elbows, genitals and buttocks.

Scratching collects the mites under your fingernails that can be then spread to other parts of the body. The mites burrow under the skin, lay eggs that then hatch adult mites 3 weeks later.

They are passed by physical contact with infected skin, and contact with infected clothing, towels, etc.

Treatment is with an insecticide lotion that is applied once and may be used again 1 week later if needed. Contacts need to be treated, wash all clothing and sheets that may be infected in hot water and dry on high heat.


Lice are tiny parasites that live on the body or in clothing. They affect hairy areas of the body.

Symptoms are intense itching and eggs or nits on hair shafts. You can get enlarged lymph glands near the infested area and red ìbite marksî where the nit feeds on your blood.

Spread by contact with infected items: combs, clothing, towels, etc.

Prevent it by bathing often, avoid wearing clothing for more than 1-2 days, change linens often, donít share combs, etc with others.


Pediculicide cream, lotion or shampoo. Boil combs, hot water for clothing, etc and dry on hot heat. Or bag up items for 10 days or dry clean. Spray Lysol on affected furniture items.