Grievance Procedures

To appeal decisions regarding grades or other Department procedures, the student should first try to settle the disagreement with the faculty or staff member involved. If still dissatisfied, the student should then consult the adviser, and finally, the Department Chair. If the student is still dissatisfied with the results, a written request should be submitted to the Chair for a hearing before the HDC Department Committee. The University grievance process is available if all efforts at the Department level are unsatisfactory.

University Policy on Appeals

A grievance is a complaint arising from any alleged unauthorized or unjustified act or decision by a member of the University community which adversely affects the status, rights, or privileges of any member of the student body. The two principal functions of the student grievance are to determine whether institutional error has occurred and, if so, to determine an appropriate redress for the grievant.

Grievable issues are those in which there is a possibility of error in University policies and procedures (or lack of them) and/or the administration of such policies and procedures. A complete statement of policy and procedures is available on the Student Affairs web site.