School Counseling Concentration

School counseling students seeking licensure as a school counselor in Illinois must successfully complete the ISBE-approved HDC master’s degree in school counseling in order to receive the department’s endorsement. Additionally, students must present passing scores on the Test of Academic Proficiency (or equivalent) and the School Counselor Content Test (i.e., Test #181) as per department policy. 

The School Counseling concentration within the HDC department includes four additional HDC courses (12 credit hours) beyond the core curriculum of 49 credit hours for a total of 61 required credit hours. 

Core Curriculum
HDC 501 Fundamental Issues and Ethics in Counseling 3
HDC 511 Theories of Counseling 3
HDC 512 Prepracticum 3
HDC 513 Group Counseling 3
HDC 515 Multicultural Counseling 3
HDC 521 Developmental Counseling 3
HDC 524 Career/Lifestyle Counseling 3
HDC 525 Alcoholism and Substance Abuse 3
HDC 533 Family Dynamics 3
HDC 543 Consultation and Crisis Intervention 3
HDC 546 Psychopathology and the DSM 3
HDC 575 Appraisal Techniques in Counseling 3
HDC 577 Research Methods 3
HDC 585 Comprehensive Examination Registration 1
HDC 587 Professional Experience: Practicum 3
HDC 590 Professional Experience: Internship 1 1-6
Concentration Requirements
HDC 531 Developmental School Counseling 3
HDC 532 Critical Issues & Considerations in School Counseling (Critical Issues and Considerations in School Counseling) 3
HDC 535 Child and Adolescent Counseling 3
One elective HDC course 3
Total Hours 61

In addition to required HDC course work, an applicant seeking initial school counselor licensure must complete a course in mental hygiene and/or personality dynamics (this can be met by the abnormal psychology prerequisite), a practicum in a school setting, and a 600-hour internship in a school setting. Students who wish to pursue this course of study should contact the school counseling concentration coordinator immediately upon acceptance into the program.

For students without a valid state of Illinois teaching license, the following four additional courses (or equivalent courses) are required to obtain the HDC department’s endorsement:

TEP 207 Foundations of American Education 3
Select one of the following: 3-4
EDL 539
Child Development for Teachers
Adolescent Development for Teachers
EDL 575 2
TEP 315 Managing the Diverse Classroom 3
Total Hours 11-12