The HDC Department Committee admits twice a year. Individuals who wish to be admitted must provide a complete set of application materials by February 15th (i.e., for fall admission) or September 15th (i.e., for spring admission). For a more detailed explanation of HDC admission and application requirements, click here.

Files incomplete by the aforementioned dates will not receive consideration. In an effort to maintain an enrollment reflective of the community it serves, the department urges minorities to apply.

Definitions of status:

  • Candidate: A student whose application to pursue a master’s degree in the Department of HDC has received approval by vote of the Department Committee
  • Applicant: A student who has submitted an application to the Department which is on file
  • Special: A student who wishes to enroll in courses approved by the Department Committee

Students who are in applicant status may not enroll for more than three HDC-approved courses. Additionally, students may participate in Phase II of the admissions process (i.e., essay and group interview) during the semester in which they expect to complete their undergraduate course prerequisites (i.e., abnormal psychology and/or developmental psychology).

Questions related to admissions should be directed to the Department of Human Development Counseling’s Admissions Coordinator, Dr. James Klein.