Points of Pride

The Department of Human Development Counseling offers three separate levels of supervised counseling experience.

  • In HDC 512 Prepracticum students demonstrate their competency with basic skills using classmates and other HDC students as clients.
  • After successfully completing the Prepracticum as well as HDC 501, HDC 511, HDC 513, HDC 515, HDC 546, HDC 575 and a specialization course (HDC 530 or HDC 531 or HDC 558), students are eligible to enroll in HDC 587 Professional Experience: Practicum. Practicum is offered in agencies and schools in the community and emphasizes the development of individual and group counseling skills with real clients.
  • The program concludes with HDC 590 Professional Experience: Internship which offers an in-depth supervised field experience in schools or agencies. Internship enables students to refine and enhance the knowledge and skills developed during practicum and to engage in all of the counselor’s professional activities.

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