Message from Cox Children’s Center

We are working with our campus health services department and the CDC in order to take all necessary precautions with respect to the H1N1 flu.

We will be diligent about washing hands, sanitizing toys and other necessary items, and making sure that children who have flu-like symptoms are not exposing other children and/or adults. We are asking that you please do the same.

Please remember to wash your child’s hands upon arrival (and departure for your protection). Please keep your children home when they appear to be sick. We all know that it can be very stressful to balance a family and a career/school. However, we must do everything that we can to ensure the health and safety of all. You can expect a phone call if your child becomes ill at school. If your emergency contact information (including work/home/cell numbers) has changed, please update it immediately for our records.

In working with campus health services and the CDC, I have been asked to send a weekly report of any children and/or staff who haveĀ symptoms as described here (pdf).

This information includes the following: whether or not they are male/female and the symptoms they have. This information will be used in comparing our data to that of other campuses. They will use this data to determine who has priority in receiving the H1N1 vaccine if/when it becomes available. Please help us cooperate with the above-mentioned agencies.

If you keep your child home due to illness (or if he/she is sick over the weekend) please call the front desk and speak with either Deb or me. Please share with us your child’s symptoms. Your child’s name will not be used, and your privacy will be protected. We will notify the teachers when a child will not be coming to school, and compile the necessary data for the CDC.

You will also notice a new hand-sanitizing device that is located at our front desk. This is not to replace the important job of washing your child’s hands in the morning/evening (and throughout the day). Feel free to use it yourself as you enter/depart the building if you would like.

Please also know that the teachers are always expected to wash their hands at various times throughout the day (before/after serving food and dispensing medication, before/after going outside, after helping children blow their nose or tend to other needs, before/after treating an injury, before/after changing diapers, and at numerous other times.

If you have any questions, please feel free to talk with us.

Thank you ahead of time for your cooperation.