The launch of Greek life at UIS began with the start of the Greek Life Petitioning Group in 2009 when a group of three students requested to bring Greek life to campus, with the help of an advisor. It took this petitioning group three years, from 2009-2012, to formally bring Greek life to campus. It couldn’t have happened without the support and guidance of Chancellor Dr. Susan Koch, Dr. Timothy Barnett and Dr. Clarice Ford. With the mission of the university in mind, the first Greek Letter Organization chartered at UIS was comprised of the 5 men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Since the conception of GLO’s at UIS, Greek students have prided themselves on the four values of leadership, scholarship, friendship and service.

1980 – Mu Eta Undergraduate Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. was established as a state wide chapter that was located on the campus of Sangamon State University, now known as the University of Illinois Springfield.

2009 –  The Greek Life Petitioning Group comprised of three students, Ashley Marshall (President), Nicholas Bell (Vice-President), Kyle E. Palmer (Marketing Communication Chair), was first created with the help of their advisor Dr. Clarice Ford. These three students were a part of a collective unit that wanted to see positive change at UIS with the implementation of Social Greek Letter Organizations (SGLO), but they knew the campus had to be educated before their goal could be accomplished. The next year was focused on holding questionnaires, forums, and campus climate surveys.

2010/2011 – Jessica Odigie joined the petitioning group as President. Upon joining, Jessica and Kyle quickly realized they were going to need assistance from a highly skilled speaker who was familiar with Greek affairs and the UIS political structure. Both knew the next year would be focused on giving presentations, holding forums and ultimately petitioning the University. With this in mind, Robert Dixon Jr. joined the petitioning group and became Vice President. With three Students who were considered leaders by their peers within the Legal, Communication and Political colleges, Jessica, Robert and Kyle pushed forward towards their goal.

May 5th 2012 – The University of Illinois Springfield Greek Life Petitioning Group submitted the official letter of request of approval for the implementation of Social Greek Life at UIS to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Dr. Timothy Barnett.

May 11th 2012 – Chancellor Susan Koch approved the implementation of Social Greek Letter Organizations to be a part of the campus life at the University of Illinois Springfield.

September 7th 2012 – Greek Affairs Board was established. The board consisted of Kyle Palmer (President), Robert Dixon Jr. (Vice-President), Ashley Harris (Communication Chair), Jasmine Torres-Gonzalez (Secretary), Daniel Garcia (Treasurer), Mary Strong (Parliamentarian), Jazmyn Norcross (General member), Zhe Chen Chen (General member), and Zitong Zhang (General member).

February 11th 2013 – Upsilon XI chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. performed the first probate in UIS history.


November 16th, 2013 – 
Mu Eta chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. is resurrected after over 30 years becoming the second fraternity established at the UIS.

Mu Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.