Once you join a Greek organization, you are a member forever, remember your commitment you made, and remember the impact you can still make on your organization.

Alumni support fraternities and sororities in a number of ways:

Chapter Advisers

Serving as a fraternity or sorority advisor is a richly rewarding experience. Advisors are critical in the development of Greek letter organizations. They provide a listening ear to chapter leaders and members, advice on issues within the organization, and greater understanding of policies and procedures.

Each of our Greek organizations are encouraged to have a local alumni advisor, who typically spends 2-3 hours each week working with the fraternity or sorority members. At UIS, we are fortunate enough to have many highly involved fraternity and sorority advisors who serve as mentors and role models to our students.

Additionally, our Greek organizations are strongly encouraged to identify faculty advisors. These individuals are current staff or faculty members at the university who serve as advocates and supporters of our Greek community.

Financial Support

Alumni enhance our university community and can positively impact the development of our fraternity and sorority members. Stay connected with other alumni and involved with current students through your Greek letter organization.