Community Mission and Values

Our Mission
As members of fraternities and sororities at the University of Illinois Springfield, we are committed to ensuring our success as students and invested partners in our organizations through celebrating friendship, leadership, scholarship, service, and social advancement while appreciating the diversity of our member organizations.

Our Values
Inherent in this mission is the facilitation of our values as fraternity and sorority members:

Friendship: To create an eternal bond of loyalty, camaraderie, and respect based on the pride and unity that encompasses our community.

Leadership: To develop the skills and talents for our members to impact our campus, community, state, country and world as undergraduate members and as graduate and alumni members.

Scholarship: To encourage and provide the resources for our members to succeed academically through continuous learning, moral development, and scholastic recognition.

Service: To enrich the lives of our members through meaningful involvement in service and philanthropic events.

Social Advancement: To formulate meaningful friendships through a wide range of activities that bring together our members and develop personal and professional skills.

All of these are facilitated with a respect to:

Diversity: To create an opportunity for people of different backgrounds, cultures and interests to come together and celebrate the common experiences that we have as fraternity and sorority members while appreciating our individual differences.

The University of Illinois Office of Student Organizations will assist you in clarifying your role as an organization to ensure your status as a social fraternity/sorority.