Requesting an Intern

Agency Intern Request Forms

The GPSI program is currently accepting intern requests for FY21. If you are interested in participating in the FY21 interviews, the deadline to submit a request is August 28, 2020 for our Late Round interviews.  For a full schedule of all GPSI interview dates and deadlines, please see the Interview Logistics tab. Interns selected in Late Round interviews will begin their internships October 16, 2020 or November 1, 2020. Interviews for Late Round will be held at your state agency. If you’re interested, please fill out the two documents below:

FY21 Late Round Intern Request Form (Online Form)

FY21 GPSI Internship Experience and Skills form(Word Doc) Please download and email the Word Document to

Chicago GPSI Intern Request Forms

GPSI is now hosting interns in the Chicago area! These students will be enrolled in an all online master’s program and living in and around the Chicagoland area. The deadline to submit a request for a Chicago intern is June 1, 2020. These interviews will only be held once a year. To request an intern in the Chicago GPSI program please complete the forms below:

FY21 Chicago Intern Request Form (Online Form)

FY-2021-GPSI-2-Internship-Experience-and-Skills-form-Chicago-Round-June 2020 (Word Doc) Please download and email the Word Document to


Sherrie ElzingaIf you are interested in participating in the GPSI program, but have questions, I welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Please call me at 217-206-6155 or e-mail me at

I look forward to hearing from you.


Sherrie Elzinga, Director

GPSI:  “Celebrating over 45 years of Leadership Lived”

“The IDPH – HIV/AIDS Surveillance Unit was in need of an intern with a proficient level of expertise with computers and computer software.  Our intern has a keen understanding of the database systems that are vital to our programs and has served as the unit’s liaison with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.  We are pleased and very fortunate to have this GPSI intern as part of our unit.” Christine Hoffman, Manager, Illinois Department of Public Health – HIV/AIDS Infectious Diseases Surveillance Unit

GPSI interns that I have mentored have contributed many useful ideas and developed innovative projects that would otherwise not have existed at the IEPA. The interns have seen firsthand how their internship benefits both the IEPA and the people served by IEPA programs. In just 21 months, the GPSI interns secured for themselves an impressive combination of education and experience, including a portfolio to share with prospective employers.” — Heather Nifong, Associate Director, IEPA