FAQ for Current Students

Is it possible to transfer graduate credit from another university and apply it to my degree requirements at UIS?

  • UIS may accept up to 12 semester hours of eligible graduate-level work completed at another accredited institution. However, only hours earned with a grade of B or better and accepted by your UIS academic program will be accepted. All transfer credit must be earned within 5 years of the first graduate course taken at UIS in pursuit of the degree.

What is the maximum time period allowed for me to finish my Master’s degree at UIS?

  • All graduate credit earned at UIS toward a Master’s degree must be taken within 6 consecutive years of the first graduate course taken at UIS in pursuit of that degree (this does not include transfer credit; however, it does include closure requirements).

Can I switch to a different academic advisor in my department?

  • Yes, you can request a new advisor by contacting the chairperson of your academic department.

What are the grade point average requirements for a Master’s degree at UIS?

  • The general policy at UIS is that Master’s degree candidates may apply a maximum of 8 credit hours of C grades toward a degree, provided that each hour of C is balanced by an hour of A and an approved petition is filed with the Office of Records and Registration. Credit for courses in which grades below C were earned will not count toward the Master’s degree requirements. Students should also consult with their assigned academic advisors about the specific grade point average requirements of their degree program.

Where can I pay my student account bill?

  • To pay your UIS bill online you must use your enterprise ID and password to log on to the student self-service page. You may also pay your tuition at the Bursar’s Office, located on the lower level of the PAC Building.

Where can I get information about public transportation?