Student Opportunities

GBL Student: Athlete and International Ambassador

photo of student Mae Flight



Maegan Flight, who is currently earning the Global Studies Bachelors degree is a tennis player and also works for the UIS Office of International Student Services.  She was featured recently in the UIS series “Leadership Lived.”  Learn more about her!

GBL Student Diversity

Students studying Global Studies come from diverse backgrounds and have different interests and experiences.  Some are domestic students and some come from other countries.  Student interests range across diplomacy, area studies, development, business, social work, environmental affairs and public health.  All are committed to expand on their knowledge of global issues.

Amanda Altman in The Gambia
Amanda Altman (B.A. 2010) from Oklahoma did her study abroad in The Gambia.  Now works in public health.
Photo of Alejandro Inostroza
Alejandro Inostroza (B.A. 2017) from Santiago, Chile.  Played soccer at UIS.  Now owns a business in Chile.
Photo of Lyssa Barth
Lyssa Barth (B.A. GBL/SWK 2014) from Illinois, while traveling in Italy.  She did her social work field placement  in Uganda.
Photo of Joseph Martin
Joseph Martin (B.A. 2014) from Illinois studied Japanese language and culture in a study abroad at Saitama University in Japan









  • The Global Studies program offers a Major in Global Studies.  For the curriculum details see the Global Studies Major in the Catalog.
  • It also possible to do a Double-Major with Global Studies and another major.  For more information, see Double-Major in Global Studies.
  • You can add an international perspective to another major by taking the Minor in Global Studies.  For more information see Minor in Global Studies.
  • UIS provides a wide range of study abroad opportunities to our students, see International Programs at UIS.  For Scholarships for Study Abroad see Global Experience Scholarships.
  • Study Abroad and Internship (IPL 300).  PSC/GBL students who study abroad through Study Away (International Programs) and register for UNI 460/470/480  for at least 6 credit hours may petition to replace the IPL 300 requirement. Students completing an internship abroad that is NOT through Study Away will need to register for IPL 300.

Students in Global Studies can find a range of opportunities to expand their international experiences at UIS.   For more, see the UIS International Learning Community.

Graduates of the Global Studies Program work in a wide range of careers.  Meet some of our alumni!