Minor in Global Studies: add a global view to another degree!

Employers in many fields value an international perspective.

Photo of students talking

Examples of degree programs to which UIS students have added the Minor in Global Studies include Accountancy, Business Administration,   CommunicationComputer ScienceCriminology and Criminal Justice, English, Environmental Studies, History, Legal Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology/Anthropology.   A Minor in Global Studies could be a good fit with many other degrees, so consult with your advisor.

For details of the curriculum for the Minor in Global Studies go to https://www.uis.edu/globalstudies/curriculum/undergraduate/minor/.

Examples of students who have added the Minor in Global Studies to another Major:

Student Zehra Ozkan







Zehra Özkan [‘13], added the Minor in Global Studies to her bachelor’s degree in Communication.  Originally from Turkey, she served as president of the International Student Association at UIS.  She recently received the UIS master’s degree in Liberal and Integrative studies through her research on models of intercultural competency training for university staff.  For more information on Zehra go to https://www.uis.edu/brand/zehra-ozkan-shahidi/.

photo of students preparing for The Gambia

Bridget Donley [‘14] added the Minor in Global Studies to her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies.  She is shown (on left) in preparation for her study abroad trip to The Gambia, West Africa.   She now works to help families, primarily West Africans, immigrate legally to America. “After experiencing Africa for myself, I now have a much greater appreciation of the continent of Africa and the diversity of its lands and peoples,” she says.

Photo of student in Ireland

Christian Stampf [‘18] added the Minor in Global Studies to her bachelor’s degree in Psychology.   She is shown here in Northern Ireland during her study abroad at Queen’s University in Belfast.  In that program she integrated psychology and global studies through the examination of the cultural and political issues of divided countries, which is the focus of the Queen’s University program.