Undergraduate Overview

Bachelor of Arts – Global Studies
Undergraduate Minor – Global Studies

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Departmental Goals and Objectives

The world of the twenty-first century is one of both great promise and great danger; one in which technological changes promise to bring us closer together, but ideological, cultural and religious diversity threaten to pull us apart.  The task of a university in this complex era must be to produce students, who, as citizens and community leaders, can provide an informed public that can make the difficult policy choices future generations will face.

Global Studies examines the interactions and inter-relations among countries and peoples across the globe; studies particular regions and cultures in a comparative and interactive way; and considers issues affecting more than one country.  The curriculum is designed to provide students with the tools necessary to understand how other peoples see the world and the issues confronting the global community.  The degree uses an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes political science, history, economics, sociology/anthropology, communications, gender studies, and environmental studies.  Within these disciplines, as well as across them, students learn a variety of theoretical approaches for understanding global issues such as war and peace, globalization, and development.