Resources: UIS International Learning Community

Model United Nation (MUN)

UIS students represent the country of Zimbabwe at the Model United Nations in New York City, 2018

This is a series of courses for students who attend the annual National Model United Nations conference in New York each spring.  In the fall before the conference (per PSC 478), the UIS delegation forms and members gather information about the country they will represent.  In the spring (per PSC 483), the delegation submits resolutions to the National MUN and attends the conference, a simulation of the United Nations Organization, where resolutions are discussed, debated, and voted upon by all countries represented in the council and committees.  Professors Ali Nizamuddin and Adriana Crocker are the faculty advisers and instructors for MUN.

photo of Lyssa Barth
Lyssa Barth [Global Studies/Social Work ’14] while on study abroad in Uganda. [photo courtesy of UISCSF]

Study Abroad Resources

Employers strongly value study-abroad experience.  Research shows that in the US business community, “Study abroad experience is widely recognized … as having the potential to cultivate valued skills and desirable personal qualities in new recruits.”  Surveys show that graduates with study-abroad experience see their resumes favored over others with similar credentials.   Employers are looking for graduates with the flexibility of experience and intercultural communication skills that come from study abroad.  See: The Value of International Education to U.S. Business.   In fact, one employer said he would “sooner hire a student with a Grade Point of 3.0 who has studied abroad over a student with a 4.0 who has never left campus.”

For the wide range of study abroad opportunities available to UIS students, see International Programs at UIS.  For Scholarships for Study Abroad see Global Experience Scholarships (annual deadline is February 15).

Meet student Conor McKenzie who has participated in BOTH study abroad and Model United Nations!

Performances, Festivals, Speakers, Films on International Topics

UIS provides many opportunities to attend international performances, festivals and films, or to hear speakers on a range of global issues.  These include the International Festival (fall each year), the UIS Speakers Series, the World Affairs Council of Central Illinois, the Diversity Center,  the Foreign and Independent Film Series. and many international student-sponsored events.

International House at UIS

Students Living in International House
International House allows you to live with other students from multiple foreign countries and the U.S. and learn about the world through the eyes of your housemates.  Share food, fashion, music, customs, and perspectives on life that you might otherwise encounter only through extensive travel and expense.  See International House for details.

Meet Global Studies’ student Alexander Phelps and learn how he has connected with international students at UIS.