Points of Pride

Photo Shelby Bedford
Shelby Bedford [double major in  Sociology/Anthropology and Global Studies ’15] …very engaged in Costa Rica!

Engaged Students

Global Studies majors and minors are involved in a wide variety of interests and activities across campus and across the world:

Opportunities for international experience

photo of Zehra Ozkan
Zehra Ozkan [Communication major, International Studies Minor ’13] on study abroad in The Gambia

UIS Global Studies students have traveled abroad through the UIS Global Experience Programs to The Gambia, Mexico, Peru, Finland, Uganda, Costa Rica, China and more!

Research shows that international experience makes people more flexible, creative and complex thinkers–skills employers are looking for! (Maddux et al, 2010, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, vol. 36 no. 6 731-741).



 China Faculty Exchange with University of Heilongjiang

China Exchange Faculty
University of Illinois Springfield and University of Heilongjiang China Exchange Scholars, June 2013

The Global Studies Program coordinates the UIS/University of Heilongjiang Faculty Exchange Program.  The program is the oldest such program at UIS, having been established in 1983.  Every year a faculty member from the School of Western Studies at the University of Heilongjiang spends a year at UIS, taking classes, presenting lectures, and engaging in research.  In turn, UIS sends a UIS  China Faculty Exchange Fellow to Harbin, China (home of University of Heilongjiang) .  UIS Faculty present lectures to Chinese classes, learn about Chinese culture, and expand on their research interests.