Points of Pride

Photo Shelby Bedford
Shelby Bedford [double major in  Sociology/Anthropology and Global Studies ’15] …very engaged in Costa Rica!

Engaged Students

Global Studies majors and minors are involved in a wide variety of interests and activities across campus and across the world:

  • Some of our graduates have double-majored with Political Science, Accounting, History, Social Work, and Sociology/Anthropology.
  • Our students have interned at the United Nations in New York City and for the Foundation for Sustainable Development in San Francisco.
  • They have traveled from Costa Rica and Germany to Kenya and Vietnam.
  • They are involved in Model United Nations, the World Affairs Council of Central Illinois, or one of the many international student organizations at UIS.

Opportunities for international experience

photo of Zehra Ozkan
Zehra Ozkan [Communication major, International Studies Minor ’13] on study abroad in The Gambia

UIS Global Studies students have traveled abroad through the UIS Global Experience Programs to The Gambia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Finland, Uganda, Costa Rica, China and more!

Research shows that international experience makes people more flexible, creative and complex thinkers–skills employers are looking for! (Maddux et al, 2010, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, vol. 36 no. 6 731-741).

High-Impact Teaching and Learning Practices

The Association of American College and Universities notes the High-Impact Practices that, research shows, can increase student learning, engagement and retention.  The UIS Global Studies Program includes five of these:

  • Freshmen Seminar – develops good college skills and habits through an exploration of the concerns, interests and aspirations of young people around the world.
  • Writing-Intensive Courses – core courses provide weekly and cumulative writing exercises to build skills in information literacy, research, writing and analysis.
  • Diversity and Global Learning – core courses deliver interdisciplinary exploration of global issues, provide awareness of diverse world views, and build understanding of global interconnections.
  • Study Abroad/Internships – students are encouraged to study or do internships abroad for hands-on experiences that can expand their horizons and develop “real world” understanding of the complexity of different cultures and global issues.
  • Capstone Course – innovative culminating course with multiple assignments that review and integrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained from the curriculum;  applies that learning to debates about current global issues; and allows students to articulate the goals that will drive their next steps in a career or graduate school.