Double Major with Global Studies

A double-major is a valuable way to build on your education.  By pursuing two fields of study, you integrate the knowledge, skills, and perspectives of both majors into your curriculum.  Students who wish to double major must complete all of the requirements of each major, but in some cases, courses may be used for both programs, as long as the credits are not double-counted.  For curricular information see UIS Catalog.

Some past Global Studies students have double-majored in Political Science, Sociology/Anthropology, History, Social Work, Communication, Legal Studies, and Accountancy.  But other degrees are possible, so consult with your advisor.

You can add a global view to another degree through a Minor in Global Studies.  For more information, see Minor in Global Studies.

photo of Qendrese Selimi
Qendrese Selimi (center, B.A. 2015) completed her Double-Major in Global Studies and Political Science through an internship in Bosnia.
Photo of Steven Stransky
Steven Stransky (B.A. 2015) double-majored in Political Science and Global Studies, and participated in Model United Nations.
Photo of Jessica Villegas
Jessica Villegas (center, B.A. 2018), double-majored in Accounting and Global Studies, and studied abroad in The Gambia and Cuba.
photo of Shelby Bedford
Shelby Bedford (B.A. 2015), double-majored in Sociology/ Anthropology and Global Studies and studied abroad in Costa Rica.