About the Program

Students investigating the world

Global Studies provides its students with multiple perspectives for understanding the world and the tools necessary to appreciate how other peoples see the world and the issues confronting the global community.  

When UIS made some changes to the general education curriculum several years ago, it opened the door for the addition of a new major focused on global awareness. The implementation of a Global Studies major matches the directions occurring in global and international studies programs across the country.

UIS believes that Global Studies should be based on five distinguishing characteristics, as articulated by the Global Studies Consortium (an international organization of programs in global studies).  See their essay “What is Global Studies?”

  • transnational
  • interdisciplinary
  • both contemporary and historical
  • provide post-colonial and critical perspectives
  • aim at global citizenship

The program offers both a major and a minor, check out the Global Studies curriculum.

It also possible to do a Double-Major with Global Studies.  For more information, see Double-Major in Global Studies.

You can add a global view to another degree through a Minor in Global Studies.  For more information, see Minor in Global Studies.

For information about Global Studies students, visit our Students’ Page.