What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems offer a dynamic digital environment for visualizing, analyzing, and sharing geographic information.

Why do I need to learn GIS?

People with GIS skills are in high demand across a broad range of professions, in government, business and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

What can GIS do for me?

GIS provides a whole new way to explore the world you are living in. Using GIS, you have ability to access, acquire, analyze, and display information in the forms of Maps, 3 Dimension Simulation, Tables, and Figures.

GIS allows you to:

  • find spatial data
  • analyze data using geospatial methods
  • map information
  • share maps on the internet

How can I get started with GIS at UIS?

The GIS Lab offers courses tailored for students at all levels as well as GIS workshops for professionals on and off campus. The GIS Lab also serves as a geo-spatial data depository for the central Illinois region.