Trans Week Pledge

Ten simple steps to become more trans inclusive. Get a free “Trans Pledge” button by signing in person at a Trans Week event or during lunch at our table in the Student Union from 12-2PM Monday – Thursday. Click here to sign the pledge online.


  1. I will learn to use gender neutral terms when trying to get the attention of a group of people of varying genders as opposed to using “guys” or “dudes”.
  2. I will learn to use gender neutral pronouns such as they/them/their, ze/hir, and will honor requests when trans people share their preferred pronouns with me. (See the Trans Guide at UIS.)
  3. I will redesign a more inclusive demographic question in my evaluations, assessments, research, and other standardized forms. (Suggested best Practices from the Consortium of LGBT Higher Ed Resource Professionals)
  4. I will ask for pronoun usage the first day of class or student group meetings and gatherings of people during introductions (See this helpful curricula document at Bryn Mawr.)
  5. I will not ask, touch, or grab transgender people or those that are transitioning to find out about their genitalia.
  6. I will educate myself by attending a workshop, reading a book or article about trans or transgender people.
  7. I will educate my fraternity, sorority, or athletic team and proactively plan to include transgender students.
  8. I will respect and not police people that are using public restrooms that are consistent with their gender identity.
  9. I will listen to trans and transgender people when they tell their stories as not all transgender people are the same.
  10. If I see bias and prejudice against trans/transgender people I will confront it to the best of my ability.

I give permission for my name to be added to the official pledge online at

Click here to sign the Trans Pledge.