Trans Guide @ UIS

Welcome to the Trans Guide @ UIS! This is a resource for trans and cisgender students, staff, and faculty. Contained in this guide is information for anyone transitioning their gender at UIS or looking for information to be a better ally to trans people. The guide is a tool to understand and review UIS policy and services, local and regional resources, and helpful educational information. Please do not hesitate to contact the office (, 217-206-8316) with questions and to suggest additions to the guide.

Gender & Sexuality Student Services utilizes “trans” and “transgender” as umbrella terms for people who transgress or transcend our normative notions of gender. These terms include but is not limited to those who identify as transgender, transsexual, gender queer, gender fluid, two spirit, cross dressers, and gender benders.

Trans Guide @ UIS: Education – Facilities – Policy – Resources – Transitioning