National Coming Out Day/ Closet Door on the Quad


National Coming Out day is held annually on October 11 and encourages people to take the next step in their coming out process, and commemorates the 1987 National March on Washington for LGBTQ equality. UIS celebrates with the Closet Door on the Quad. Participants are encouraged to walk through the door and tell their coming out stories or why they are allies to the LGBTQA population. Door participants sign the door. Students vote on a logo to wear on Tshirts the day of the event. Past logos included “Gay? Fine By Me”, “NO H8”, “OUT is IN”, & “I Have 99 Problems, & Society’s Attitude Toward Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Covers Like 98 Of Them.” (see the blog) and in 2016: “Closets Are For Tshirts, Not People”.

Students have been placing a closet door on the quad for the duration of National Coming Out Day since about 2006 while asking people to mimic “coming out”. In 2010 it became an event with coming out stories, tshirts, photos, and sometimes live music.

Closet Door on the Quad 2011 group photo

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2014 Door:








2015 Door:








2018 Door: