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Other Departments: Alumni Office


Clerk Typist

Job Description: Assist with answering phones, monitor e-mail box, help maintain website and Alumni Association  portal page.  Assist with filing, surveys and mailings.  Assist with special events including on site assistance at selected events.  Assist with record keeping, and some correspondence. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Friendly with positive attitude.  Ability to successfully manage confidential records, both paper and electronic. Familiar with Microsoft Office software such as Excel, Access, and Word.

Access and Equal Opportunity


Summer only; 20 hrs/wk

Job Description:  Assist in the preparation of written and database reports, maintain office web page, conduct office mailings, engage in computer/library research and provide other staff support as needed.

Qualifications:  Excellent oral and written communications; computer literate in the areas of web page development, research and database applications; well developed interpersonal skills, including respect for differing cultures/lifestyles.


Clerk Typist

Job Description: Light typing, data entry, filing, greeting visitors to office, and answering of telephone, light bookkeeping.

Qualifications: Minimal typing skills


Accountancy Assistant

Job Description:  Data input, miscellaneous library research, support for faculty, and tutoring accountancy students having difficulty with accountancy core classes, or tutoring other Business and Managemet students having difficulty with the accountancy service courses of  ACC 211, 212, or 311.

Qualifications:  The student must be at least a sophomore pursuing a degree in accountancy.


Job Description:  Acts as a receptionist for the Dean’s Office in the College of Business/Management. Answers phones, screens calls and takes messages.  In the absences of the Dean’s secretary, greets visitors, provides basic information to faculty, staff, students and the general public.  Types or keyboards sensitive materials.  Maintains conference room schedule and handles meeting preparation requirements.  Photocopies, collates, staples and otherwise prepares materials as directed by the Dean’s staff.  Under supervision, files sensitive and confidential materials in a compels and comprehensive filing system.  Helps with special projects.  Runs errands. Miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Qualifications:  Professional demeanor, discretion and tact.  Excellent communication skills.  Excellent interpersonal skills.   Ability to handle competing priorities.  Ability to work independently.  Excellent computer skills specifically Word and Excel.  Dependable.

Telephone Operator

Job Description: Operate 20-button telephone console. Answer and screen telephone calls for Accountancy, Business Administration, Economics, Management and Management Information Systems faculty & staff. Screen calls, take accurate message & deliver to program office on a timely basis.

Qualifications: Excellent telephone skills. Pleasant manner and clear speaking voice. Legible handwriting and ability to take accurate messages. Experience a plus and Dependability a must!

Center for Entrepreneurship


Job Description:  Assist in all activities that include helping student based organizations as well as with activities related to entrepreneurship and act as a liaison with small businesses and chambers of commerce in the area.

Qualifications:   Must be self motivated and able to work in a fast paced environment under limited supervision. Must be willing to follow the guidance of senior team members.  Must have strong communication skills. Documentation skills a plus.

The applicant must have technical skill in Microsoft Office, and website development.

Campus Police

Student Assistant

Job Description:  Complex computer data entry, filing, assist visitors, students, and University employees by answering questions.  Issue temporary parking permits.  Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Computer data entry experience and good communication skills required. Must speak clear understandable English.

Campus  Relations


Job Description: Assist with the updating of summer publications. This includes helping to identify and contact selected alumni to set up interviews and photo shoots. Help to update and freshen the Inside UIS website as well as identifying and creating new features. Help establish and monitor web forum for incoming students. Assist with Admissions/Marketing.  Build a faculty database of photos and bios for use on the program level of the website as well as in the Inside UIS section.

Assistant-Campus Homepage

Job Description:  Assist the Campus Web Developer on  various projects related to the UIS homepage.

Qualifications:  Knowledge of computers and webpage Development. Working knowledge of technical aspects of Computer use preferred.  Good organizational skills.

Chancellor’s Office


Job Description:  Serve as a receptionist for the Chancellor’s Office.
Under general supervision, specific duties include:

  • Answer phones, screen calls and take messages
  • Greet visitors, provide basic information to faculty, staff, students and the general public
  • Sort and open mail
  • Type or keyboard correspondence, reports, and other materials and prepare staff correspondence for mailing and distribution
  • Maintain conference room schedule and handle meeting preparation requirements
  • Photocopy, collate, staple and otherwise prepare materials as directed
  • Scan various documents
  • File sensitive and confidential materials in a complex and comprehensive filing system
  • Help with special projects
  • Run errands and make deliveries on campus
  • Maintain inventory of office supplies
  • Send fax transmissions
  • Miscellaneous duties as assigned

Qualifications:  This position requires the ability to exercise good judgment and excellent oral and written communication skills. Office experience is preferred.
Specific qualifications include:

  • Professional demeanor, discretion and tact.
  • Fluent in speaking English and excellent in use of written English.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • The ability and willingness to be a team player.
  • Excellent computer skills, specifically in Word, Access, and Excel.
  • The ability to perform clerical duties with accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Dependability and the ability to maintain confidentiality.

Conference Services


Job Description: Serve as telephone receptionist. Collate &deliver work order to service providers; Assist with conference material preparation & on-site registrations & general office duties, i.e. typing, Xeroxing, answering the phone, running errands, occasional computer data input. Type mailing lists and/or conference registrations on computer network system. Tabulate participant evaluations. Serve as shuttle driver for conference registrants as needed.

Qualifications: Reliability, promptness, attention to detail, good phone manners, typing ability, legible handwriting, computer literate, neatly groomed, courteous, friendly. Must speak English clearly. Microsoft Word experience useful.

Development Office

Assistant I

DESCRIPTION:  Under general supervision, assistant will answer phones, screen calls, take messages, and refer caller to appropriate person; assist Event Coordinator with preparation of upcoming events by creating and maintaining database of attendees, tracking responses, printing nametags and tent cards, assisting with preparation of invitations for mailing; run copy machine, assist with preparation of large mailings and run errands as well as assisting staff with various projects as required.

QUALIFICATIONS  Must have the ability to show good judgment and excellent oral and written communications.  Off ice experience is preferred.   Must have professional demeanor, discretion and tact.  Fluent in spoken English and excellent in the use of written English.  Excellent communications and interpersonal skills.  Must have the ability and willingness to be a team player.  Excellent computer skills, specifically in Word, Access, and Excel.  Should have the ability to perform clerical duties with accuracy and attention to detail.  Must be dependable and have the ability to maintain confidentiality.

Disability Services

Instructional Assistant

Hours will vary.

Job Description: Scan books and convert them to alternate format. (Training will be provided.)  Pick up and deliver confidential documents and other materials.  Work with office staff on various projects.  Help in the lab some evenings and Saturdays.

Qualifications: Must be dependable and able to provide coverage in lab some evenings (until 8 p.m. M-Th)) and alternate Saturdays.  (Hrs are 10 a.m.-2 p.m.)  Must be people oriented and able to interact with diverse population.

Environmental Studies

Research Assistant

DESCRIPTION:  Help research assistant to update list of potential publications for inclusion in study.  Read and summarize publications selected by principal investigators on the following topics:  1) Climate change policies’ treatment of restored wetlands and methodology for measuring GHG emissions from restored wetlands  2) Net emissions  of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide from croplands and restored wetlands and conditions affecting emission levels.  3) Analysis of the role pf science on GHG emissions from restored wetlands in climate change policies.  Support research assistant and principal investigators to identify key themes from publications included in this study, including use of modeling software for qualitative data analysis(Nvivo 7).

QUALIFICATIONS:  3.0 G.P.A. or better

Completion or concurrent enrollment in at least one course in ecology.

Interest in climate change, greenhouse gas emissions from wetlands, and the Emiquon wetland restoration project.

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Computer skills including MSOffice Programs. (Word)

Excellent library and information research skills.

GIS Teaching Assistant

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Provide assistance in ENS 404 Fundamentals of GIS  (Geographic Information Services)and ENS 503 Advanced GIS Applications. Duties include  making sure the computers work properly and contacting tech support for assistance as needed;  sitting in on the class sessions and  helping students with lab exercises and lecture materials as well as  assisting  the instructor with grading  including  projects and the lab work.  Assistant will also have regular question and answer sessions for students.  Other duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Undergraduate or Graduate student. UIS Environmental study students and students with GIS skills and working experience preferred.

Ethics Office


DESCRIPTION:  Will work with University Ethics Office staff and University employees to fulfill the state mandated ethics training requirement. Data entry, creation of spreadsheets and word processing.  Answer phones and file ethics related confidentiality information.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Must have expertise in both MS Word and Excel and a high degree of interpersonal skills.  Must be motivated and a self starter, highly dependable, accurate, and able to work independently.   Maintenance of confidentiality is mandatory.

GPSI/GA Office


Job Description: Assist with the intake and processing for the Graduate Assistantship and Graduate Public Service Internship programs.  Duties include tracking information that is submitted, inputting data into Access databases, and filing, copying and distributing the applications and related materials, answering the telephones,  running errands around campus and other duties as assigned.

Qualifications:  Excellent communication and organizational skills, word processing/computer experience, ability to multi-task. Knowledge of Access databases. Must be willing to receive directions from various staff members as well as being responsible and dependable.

Health /Human Services

Clerk Typist

Job Description: Duties include typing, Xeroxing, filing, answering phones, running errands, making appointments, word processing.

Qualifications: Computer experience, especially word processing . Dependability, confidentiality, willingness to accept responsibility without direct supervision.

Human Resources

Clerk Typist

Job Description: Assist with receptionist duties (answer phones, greet clients.)  Pick up reports, make deliveries, copy and file documents.  Prepare correspondence for mailings which includes typing, copying and stuffing envelopes.  Assemble packets given to  new hires, employees  who are leaving  and various benefit choice materials for all employees.  Proofread documents. Tally workshop evaluations.  Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Must be awarded federal work study. (residents and resident aliens are eligible for FWS.) Must act in a professional manner and be able to keep information confidential.  Must work cooperatively with other staff, have a basic knowledge of filing and record keeping practices and follow directions well..  Must present a positive image and be able to communicate effectively.  Must be familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel with a working knowledge  of personal computers, keyboarding, and associated equipment.

Institute for Public Affairs

Clerk Typist

Job Description: Answer phone & relay messages. Fax & assist other employees in use of Fax, copy, type, data entry, pick up supplies at Central Stores; prepare mailing, stuff envelopes & add mailing labels. Able to proofread, pick up and deliver paperwork: off and on campus; filing, Library research for faculty & staff, assist office secretary as needed. Other duties as assigned which may include helping other units within the Institute with projects, arranging details for/assisting at conferences, meetings, etc.

Qualifications: Ability to type at least 20 wpm. Experience and skill with WordPerfect or Microsoft Word, other computer knowledge helpful. Good interpersonal skills, driver’s license, maturity, tact and good judgment. Must have a car and valid driver’s license.. Good clear telephone voice.

Institutional Studies

Research Assistant

Description:  Proof office reports and documents. Update historical documents.  Create new document formats.  File and organize documents. Compile information for data requests. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications:  Word processing/computer experience.  Strong attention to detail.  Excellent organizational skills. Must be responsible and dependable.

LGBTQ Resource Office


Description:  Assist with day-to-day operations of the resource office, including but not limited to:  answering the phones, data entry, filing, and photocopying. as well as with programming initiatives.  Research  LGBTQ events and policiies at other institutions and organizations.   Manage the resources including checking  out of materials and reserving  of office space.  Attend LGBTQ advisory board meetings and take minutes.   Refer  students to various on-campus resources such as the counseling center, health services, student life, the student organization center, and the office of access and equal opportunity. Participate in required training .  Represent the Resource office at preview days and other campus events as required and appropriate.  Serve as an aide to the graduate assistant.  Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Must have completed the UIS Safe Zone Phase I training.  Must have an  understanding and interest in LGBTQ issues and how they relate to broader social justice issues.  Must have strong written and verbal communication skills as well as interpersonal skills. Must be able to work independently.  Must act in professional manner and be able to keep information confidential.  Work study preferred.

Liberal Studies


Job Description:  Assist the program secretary for African American studies, Individual Options, Liberal Studies, and Women and Gender Studies. Enter data into databases, and run reports as needed.  Type form letters and send mailings.  Make photocopies, handle sensitive and confidential information per  university policy and procedures.  Assist with procedure reviews and updates, and assist with research requests.  Sort and distribute mail.  Run errands on campus.  Clerical and other duties as assigned.

Qualifications:  Proficiency in written and spoken English.  Must be familiar with general office procedures, including but not limited, to multi-line phone, voice mail, faxing, Microsoft Outlook. Word, and Excel.  Must have the ability to learn other web-based applications. Must be able to give assistance both over the phone and in person to diverse people in a courteous and professional manner per university procedure and policy, as well as, FERPA (privacy) and other laws.  Must demonstrate good interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with a variety of personalities.  Must be able to follow spoken and written directions. Excellent telephone skills. Pleasant manner and clear speaking voice. Legible handwriting and ability to take accurate messages. Experience a plus and Dependability a must!

Clerk Typist

Job Description: Type or keyboard material for Dean’s Office. Maintain conference room schedule and handle meeting prep requirements. Copy, collate, staple, and file confidential information. Provide special project assistance. Answer phones. Screen calls and take messages. Greet visitors and provide basic information. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to handle competing priorities and work independently. Excellent Word and Excel skills. Dependable. Discrete and tactful.

Math/Computer Science


Job Description: Assist program secretary with maintenance of program files.  Type form letters, send mailings, make copies, transparencies and slides. Run errands around campus. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications:  Proficient in written and spoken English.  Must be able to communicate effectively with public both in person and over the telephone.  Working knowledge of Microsoft Word.  Must be able to follow spoken and written directions.  Must demonstrate good interpersonal skills and be able to interact well with a variety of personalities.  Computer science major preferred.

Office of Technology Enhanced Learning (OTEL)


Job Description: Answer phones and accurately record messages as well as routing them to correct persons. File, shred documents, take inventory of office supplies. General office duties as assigned. Assist OTEL staff in providing support to faculty and students using Blackboard software.

Qualifications: Must speak clear understandable English and be able to communicate in English,  have computer literacy, and knowledge of basic office procedures.  Will be trained in use of Blackboard software. .

Online Research Assistant

Job Description: Conduct library and online research.   Identify resources in online learning and related areas.  Collect and analyze data.   Assist with design and development of brochures and web presentations.

Qualifications:  Research and report writing experience.  Experience with Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.  Wed development experience. Excellent communications skills both oral and written.  Graduate student preferred.

Outreach Assistant

Job Description:  Do research in the field of online delivery of services to minorities, disabled, disenfranchised and the underserved.  Conduct library and web research.  Write reports on topics related to online delivery of services.  Assist with the development of web pages and online databases.  Assist with the design of brochures and other printed materials.  Assist with communicating with the public on the purpose and activities of the Community Outreach Center Online.  Assist with planning and development activities.

Qualifications:  Excellent written and oral communication skills. Excellent research skills.  Basic knowledge of web development strongly preferred. Must be available between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Office of Undergrad Education

Speaker Series Assistant

Job Description:  Assist staff in preparing for Speaker Series events by researching prospective speakers, assisting with travel arrangements, creating promotional items for the event, and preparing bibliographies of speakers. Assist by attending the Speaker Series events, helping with last minute set-up details, and tracking attendance. Help with Blackboard questions, interact with students on Blackboard, track these discussions, and create status reports on Blackboard participation and event attendance.

Qualifications:  Preferred candidate will have experience using Blackboard and Excel.  Event planning, marketing and promotion experience helpful.  Enrollment in the general education/ECCE curriculum preferred but not required.  Must be dependable, trustworthy, and a good representative for the University of Illinois at Springfield.  Strong communication and customer service skills and a positive attitude.  Must sign a confidentiality and trust agreemen

Payroll Office


Job Description:  Work between the hours of 10:00 a.m  and 3 p.m.   Assistant will take calls off the Customer Service Payroll Hotline at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., filling out a paper form listing the employee’s name, UIN, phone number and reason for their call.  Filing, scanning, and other duties as assigned.

Qualifications:  Must be awarded federal work study.  Must be able to work at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  Must have good communication skills and be able to deal with employees in professional manner, irregardless the “tone” of the caller.

Physical Planning and Operations


Job Description:  Prepare work orders for campus maintenance requests.  File.  Operate the department wireless radio base to communicate with maintenance personnel. Answer phones.  Type and do data entry. Make copies. Disperse mail to department offices.

Qualifications:  Must possess excellent speaking/communication skills and show good attention to detail  Must possess computer skills and type a minimum of 40 w.p.m.  Must be able to work 15-20 hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Project MSS


15 hrs/wk

Job Description: Student assistant will maintain  records and entry procedures for incoming Project MSS students.  Design and maintain a bimonthly newsletter for three levels of Project MSS students:  high school, community college and UIS. Assist with office clerical work. Assist the director with duties as assigned.

Qualifacations:  Must have been awarded at least $3,000 in federal work study funds.

Property Control


Job Description: Performs a variety of accounting duties with little direct supervision. Reviews purchase orders, invoice vouchers for completeness, accuracy and conformance to Property Control policies & procedures. Post info from FAS reports to the capitalization journal. Maintains voucher register and tag number logs on personal computer. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Year-round position. Enthusiastic and energetic individual with fundamental Excel skills and the ability to type. Dependability and punctuality are necessary skills.

Provost Office


Job Description:  Serves as backup to office receptionist.  Respnds to routine questions and phone calls.  Directs calls to the correct perosn/ place. Takes messages.  Sorts and distributes mail.

Qualifications: Excellent communication and organizational skills.  Word processing and computer experience.  Ability to multi-task. Must be responsible and dependable.  Willingness/ability to receive instructions from various staff members.

Psychology Department


Job Description:  Will assist an assistant professor with laboratory research. Duties include literature reviews, software and database management, data entry, image processing, data analysis, recruitment and testing of research participants, other administrative duties as assigned. Will be primarily responsible for processing, manipulation and segmentation of brain images collected for a research study.  Will conduct empirical research, including study design, participant testing, and data collection and analysis.

Qualifications:  An undergraduate major in psychology is preferred.  Student must be able to work independently with a minimum of supervision, conduct library research and literary reviews, demonstrate excellent written and interpersonal communication skills.  Must be well organized and detail orientated.  Must be comfortable with a variety of software programs, including word processing, database management, and image analysis.  Will assist with solving research and data analysis questions as well as with daily management of a psychology laboratory.

Public Affairs and Administration

Statistical Analysis Assistant

Will work for a total of 75 hours

Job Description:  Will conduct content analyses of various federal government documents.

Qualifications:  Must have substantive knowledge of public administration (at the master’s level.)  Must have analytical skills and knowledge on statistical software such as SPSS.


Job Description: Answer and route phone calls or take accurate, detailed messages as necessary. Answer basic university/college program questions. Deliver messages to offices. Provide clerical support by helping with bulk mailings, addressing envelopes, sorting, collating, and/or organizing materials. Maintain computer printer service program for program faculty/staff.

Qualifications: Ability y to field multiple telephone lines; speak clearly and distinctly with excellent phone answering skills, using diplomacy. Ability to take accurate phone messages; work with interruptions. Basic knowledge computer operations. Dependable and able to work with a variety of people and personalities.



Job Description: Must be able to do heavy lifting of up to 50 lbs. Job requires the unloading of semis & delivery of goods to all campus locations. Will learn to use core software necessary to central receiving are- P Card and EOMS. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: MUST HAVE A VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE WITH A GOOD DRIVING RECORD. Fork lift experience is helpful.

Technical Support

Network Technician

Job Description:  Assist Network Specialists and Analysts maintain and operate  the campus local area network and assist in the operation of the Technical Support Center.  Duties include assisting end-users with questions on computer hardware or software applications, assisting residents in University Housing to connect their computers to the campus network, and setting up new or reassigned computers for use in the campus network.

Qualification:  Some experience with computers. Will be trained.

Undergrad Academic Advising Center

Peer Advisor

Job Description:  Refer students to the appropriate campus resources, assist students with course selections and registration, maintain contact and offer support to students;  provide educational programming in conjunction with other campus groups to promote academic success and retention of students.  Must attend all required training and do other duties as assigned.

Qualifications:  A GPA of at least 3.0 or above is preferred. Must have completed successfully 40  credit hours  and be willing to commit to two semesters of employment.

Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs

Clerk Typist

Job Description:  Serve as a receptionist: answer phones, forward calls, dispense information, greet visitors.  Distribute mail. Run inter-campus errands.  Assist staff with photocopying, addressing of envelopes, filing.  Data entry using Microsoft Word, Access, and Excel.

Qualifications: Pleasant personality. Good communication skills.  Willingness and ability to receive instruction from several staff members.  Keyboard experience in Microsoft Word, Access, and Excel.

Vice Chancellor Business/Administrative Affairs


Job Description: Answer phones. Run errands and make deliveries. Sort and deliver mail. Photocopy, fax. prepare letters for mailing. Filing. Typing and computer work. Maintain inventory of office supplies. Unless otherwise agreed upon, employee will take a half hour lunch.

Qualifications: Dependable and punctual. Prior office experience a plus.

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Clerk Typist

Job Description: Acts as a receptionist for the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. Answers phone and takes messages.  Greets visitors. Schedules appointments. Makes copies, does word processing., files, opens mail,  and runs errands around campus.  Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications:  Word processing and some computer skills.  Must be dependable, able to work semi-independently and have good interpersonal and phone skills.  Must have a schedule that allows him or her to work between the hours of 8:30a.m. -5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Volunteer and Civic Engagement Center

Peer Mentor M3C Fellows Americorps Program

Job Description: Working under the supervision of the Volunteer Center Director, meet individually with assigned Fellows each week to reveiw progress in meeting goals outlinedin their individual Community Work Plans. Working under the Director to design and coordinate regular group activities that will provide the Fellows with opportunities to reflect on their service work and for professional development. Each Peer Mentor will serve a minimum of five hours per week in the Volunteer Center to implement programs. Evenings and weekends are often reguired. Perfomr at least 300 hours of service. Peer Mentor service will be divided between support for M3C Fellows(50%) and service projects within the local community. (50%)

Peer Mentors should recruit at least five volunteers from among your peers. They will attend and participate in monthly cohort meetings. They will log service hours and ocmplete timesheets on a weekly basis. They will communicate results of activities to Campus Coordinators on a monthly basis. Peer Mentors will attend and participate in trainings, orientations, and reflection activities that relate to the fellowship program.

Peer Mentors must abide by all terms and conditions set forth by AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National Service(CNC) as well as policies and procedures of M3C Fellows Program.

Qualificatons: Strong academic, interpersonal and time management skills are critical.